About Ronna Prince

As an certified coach and intuitive teacher, Ronna Prince offers a unique blend of techniques that assist her clients in becoming free of unconscious patterns, empowering them to move forward into new directions by fully using their innate gifts and talents.

Ronna’s trademarked program, Modern Mastery, is aimed at facilitating the shift to fully empowered living during these times of rapid change and transition. She helps clientele to identify a customized process for shifting individual beliefs, choices, and energies at the core level to manifest positive lasting outcomes.

Her unique blend of knowledge and healing tools support the Modern Mastery four step process; Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, and Anchoring. The Modern Mastery program is founded upon the principle of: The Power of Heart-based Living. This theme and the principle of heart-based living are also represented in Ronna’s recent documentary film “Sacred Journey of the Heart” produced by her nonprofit company Global Wholeness. 

Ronna is a certified as a Radical Forgiveness coach, a licensed HeartMath® coach and group instructor, and has certifications as an Advanced Practitioner of Aura-Soma Color Therapy.

As a Licensed HeartMath® Coach, Ronna states “I’m excited to offer this to my clients. Since using the HeartMath System consistently in my own life, I manage daily stressors much more effectively. As a result, I communicate better, sleep better, and have an overall sense of well-being and heart based connection. This system really works and it doesn’t require complicated processes, new beliefs or long-term practice before the benefits are felt. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use the technology and the moment-to-moment tools to manage your life in a more self- regulated way.” HeartMath is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath. emWave is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc.

She possesses an extensive knowledge of Pythagorean Numerology and references it with her clients if they are interested in this fascinating field of consciousness. "Numerology serves as confirmation as well reveals the deeper meaning behind names, addresses, business names, favorite words and phrases."

Ronna is also a singer/songwriter. She co-wrote the theme song, “Sacred Journey of the Heart”, that plays the end of her first documentary film. The song has won "Best Original Theme Song" in the 2013 International Film Festival for Spiritual, Religion and Visionary film.

In 2009, Ronna was inspired to begin production on a film called "Sacred Journey of the Heart". Her goal with the film, Sacred Journey of the Heart, is to encourage viewers to “dive in” and to make the connection to their hearts and to the hearts of all. This “diving into the heart” activates a deeper feeling of connection between self and others.